We ship our puppies by airplane with a puppy nanny. Our nanny will pick up the puppy at the Huntsville, AL airport, the puppy will fly in the seat with the nanny where he/she will be able to move around and play, the nanny will take the puppy to the bathroom to go potty while in flight. The puppy will be delivered to the airport nearest to you. Shipping cost $400 plus 4% PayPal fee and is not included in the puppy's price.

If the puppy nanny is not available to deliver the puppy we can have the puppy shipped by cargo, but we do not prefer this method.

For us to be able the ship the puppy we will need to know:

  1. The name of the nearest major airport to you.
  2. The name, address and phone number of the person who will be picking up the puppy at the airport.

The shipping cost must be paid for in full before we will ship the puppy.

You must be on time or even better 15-30 minutes early to pick up your puppy at the airport.