Pricing & Deposits



Puppy Pricing: All our puppies are of the highest quality. Our prices generally start at $1,500 for Mini Schnauzer puppies and $2,000 for Toy Schnauzer puppies ALL sold with limited AKC/CKC papers. Prices will be posted with the information given next to each available puppy's picture. The gender, size, color, and coat type of a puppy is what determines the price of our puppies. No one can perfectly predict what size, color, or coat type a puppy will be when full grown. We base our estimates on the size, color, and coat type of a puppy, by the size, color, and coat type of the father and mother and of the puppies from previous litters. Once you have placed a deposit on the puppy of your choice, your puppy's price will not change.

Waiting List Deposits, Puppy Deposits and Payment


To be placed on our "WAITING LIST" requires a $100.00 DEPOSIT. Your deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy. Those placing a "Waiting List" deposit will be given first choice of the puppies, male or female of their choice, in the order that their deposits were placed. Your "Waiting List" deposit guarantees sex only, not color or size. ALL "WAITING LIST" DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE *. The only exception would be is if the adult female of your choice does not produce the male or female of your choice, in which case your deposit will be fully refunded, or you may choose to have your deposit transferred to a different or upcoming litter (please note that if any upcoming litter has previous deposits, those previous deposit will have priority).

Once the puppies are born a $100.00 "PUPPY DEPOSIT" is required to hold the puppy of your choice until it is ready to be either picked up or shipped. No puppy will be considered on hold until we have received your deposit. If you have already placed a "Waiting List" deposit then there is no additional charge. ALL "PUPPY DEPOSITS" ARE NON-REFUNDABLE **. The only exception would be is if something unforeseeable was to happen to your puppy, in which case your deposit would be fully refunded or you may choose to apply your deposit towards the purchase of another puppy from another litter. In some cases, a deposit may be applied towards the purchase of another puppy of your choice from the same litter or from another litter or future litter with no additional Change.

The deposit signifies good intent on the behalf of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy, it also signifies that the breeder will not sell your puppy to anyone else under any circumstances. Deposits are a two way street as they bind and protect both buyer and seller. Please remember that we reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter and that we do not always sell our puppies for breeding purposes.

DEPOSITS may be made through PayPal. When using PayPal, please remember there is an additional 4% for their handling fee.

ALL PUPPIES WITH A DEPOSIT PLACED ON THEM MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BY THE TIME THEY ARE 8 WEEKS OF AGE. (unless other arrangements are made in advance, please see below) If you are shipping your puppy you will need to make your final payment through PayPal, your final payment must be received at least 2 weeks prior to shipping your puppy or if you are picking your puppy up full payment will need to be paid in cash or through Square.

Any delay in the final payment could result in a delay in shipping or picking up your puppy and additional fees. It is agreed that the Buyer accepts all responsibility for any additional boarding and shipping fees. You are welcome to pay for your puppy in full at any time. For immediate, on site adoptions, payments must be paid in cash or Square only. Please understand that these stipulations are not a reflection on you, but are a guard against those who would be dishonest.

Prior to placing a deposit on a puppy, please consider the serious commitment that you are making. You should be able and willing to provide a safe and loving home, nutritional dog food and supplements, grooming, medical needs, and it may be necessary to replace chewed up or soiled items. With that understanding, please proceed.

Boarding Fees

If your puppy is being picked up, in most cases, your puppy will be ready to go to it's new home at 8 weeks of age. We are happy to hold your puppy for 4 days after it's pick up "ready date" free of charge. If your puppy is being shipped we are happy to extend the hold until our puppy nanny can ship your puppy. We will let you know your puppy's pick up "ready date" or "ship date" is when you place the "puppy deposit". If your puppy is being picked up or shipped after it's ready date, plus the additional hold days, boarding fees will apply. Boarding fees are $15.00 per day or $100.00 per week, also if your puppy is due for any shots after it's "ready date" or "ship date" you are required to pay for them. Exceptions to this would be if your puppy is not ready to be released due to its size, health concerns with the puppy, scheduling conflicts with the airlines if your puppy is being shipped, or weather conditions. In these situations the, fee will be waived at our discretion.