Mini Schanuzer Ladies


Weight: 16lbs

Coat: Average Soft

Color: Salt and Pepper (faded to silver)

Registration: CKC

Ears: Natural

About Dolly: She's one of our first Schnauzers.

Dolly and Annie are sisters. She loves squeaky toys!

She likes sitting on the couch with us but she INSIST on sitting on the left side of us, it's very interesting to say the least.

She loves attention, if you pet her she will pat/scratch your arm until you pet her again.

She snorts/snores sometimes when she's sleeping. She's the boss of the house.



Weight: 13lbs

Coat: Average Wire/Soft Coat

Color: Salt and Pepper

Registration: CKC

Ears: Natural

About Annie: She's one of our first Schnauzers.

Annie and Dolly are sisters. She HAS to be by her mom's side at ALL times,

she follows me everywhere. She loves to give kisses, howl "I love you", sleep on her back and chase squirrels.

She's looking at a squirrel in this picture, she's obsessed!

She has killed many mice in her life, I'm sure 'kill a squirrel' is on her bucket list (haha).



weight: 13lbs

Coat: Average coat

Color: Black

Registration: AKC

Ears: Medium Schnauzer Crop

About Sable: Sable is a very calm easy going dog,

she's very submissive and obedient!

She comes from some very beautiful show dogs!

Some of Sable's favorite thing are Pig ears (that's a treat), chasing Squirrels, and potatoes...she loves potatoes!!!




Weight: 14lbs

Coat: Soft Super Coat

Color: Liver Parti

Registration: AKC

Ears: Natural

About Sara: She loves squeaky toys! She LOVES attention,

if you give attention to any dog Sara will come running and get right in your face begging for attention.

She's very sweet.






McDorable's Ziva Gucci


weight: Ziva's is still a puppy,

we will post her weight when she turns 1 year old

Coat: Supercoat

Color: Liver/Tan

Registration: AKC

Ears: Tall Straight Crop

About Ziva: Ziva is very active dog, you'll never find her standing still!

Ziva loves anything that moves! It doesn't matter if it's leaves, a ball, bugs or even empty water bottles,

If it moves it's hers!

She come from gorgeous Blue eyed megacoat Mini Schnauzers. She comes from a breeder out West




weight: 18lb

Coat: average coat

Color: White

Registration: CKC

Ears: Natural

About Fancy:

She loves attention! She doesn't really like toys, but she loves treats! She is a very loving dog.

She loves pillows and blankets!




weight: 18lbs

Coat: average coat

Color: black

Registration: AKC

Ears: Natural (the right ear was injured as a puppy)

About Daisy: Daisy is a quiet girl, and can be a little shy at times, she's very loving and sweet!

But be careful if you give her any attention she will never let you leave without her!

Daisy unlike most of our dogs doesn't care about playing with a toy, she would rather be sitting right by your side on the couch all the time!

She is very loyal and faithful!!